About AC Plumbing & Roofing

AC Plumbing & Roofing was established in 2002 after Ashley had completed both his roofing and plumbing apprenticeships. Business has steadily grown over the past decade, and we’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous residential and commercial projects, building a local reputation for quality service and reliable plumbing and roofing solutions.

A local resident of the Gladstone area for over 25 years, Ashley understands the need for high-quality plumbing and roof works that can resist the harsh weather that tropical Queensland hosts. We don’t make second guesses about the products we recommend and install; when selecting materials for use in local households and businesses, we choose high quality, durable fittings that will stand the test of time. All our products come with warranties to assure our customers that what they’re getting is made to last.

For more information about AC Plumbing & Roofing, please get in touch on 0407 641 201.

Affordable Roofing and Plumbing Services:

Access to clean and warm running water is a necessity for Australian households and AC Plumbing & Roofing seek to provide affordable solutions for everyone. When having your roof or plumbing repaired or replaced, we advise you of your options based on your household needs and budget. As part of our affordable service, we don’t charge callout fees, except for our 24/7 emergency callouts.

We are always upfront about prices.

Emergency Plumber:

AC Plumbing & Roofing provide an after-hours 24/7 emergency plumbing and roofing solution for businesses and residents in Gladstone, Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and surrounding areas who need something repaired immediately. This service is designed to ensure that problems are fixed before they cause too much damage to the building’s structure or any of your belongings.

If you require our emergency plumbing or roofing services, please get in touch on 0407 641 201.